Cute designer rain boots are the ultimate accessory

Rain boots are a type of boot that is designed to be waterproof, allowing the wearer to keep their feet dry from the elements, such as snow and rain. If you live in a region with a high amount of rain or snow, it is likely you could benefit from the advantage of owning a pair of weatherproof rain boots to avoid getting your feet and shoes wet when going outside.

Why should you use rain boots?

Not that long ago, people started considering weatherproof boots as being more functional, and less mundane as just rubber boots. They are designed to fit over sneakers and raise above enough to avoid shoes from becoming went when outside in the snow, rain, mud or slush. Originally, weatherproof boots were only available in a limited design, usually in black, yellow or crimson.

It was not until the 30s that water resistant boots became well known in the United States as being appropriate, when Ginger Rogers was told by Fred Astaire that she should be wearing galoshes. It was only a few years after this that the popularity of weatherproof boots increased.

Can weatherproof boots be stylish?

Yes! While in the past, rain boots were only designed in a few shapes and colors, rain boots today provide a large range of stylish options. In recent years, there has been a comeback in weatherproof boots, and a large part of the popularity is due to the various colors and designs available. Rain boots are even worn by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss, and has become part of their fashion.

In cold, soggy seasons it is not uncommon to see various celebrities wearing a pair of designer rain boots. The stylish designer rain boots have developed into a type of vogue fashion, and even the children of celebrities are occasionally seen wearing stylish rain boots.

Other than an advancement of aesthetics, many businesses started to include extras to rain boots, such as inner liners for assisting in keeping feet warmer, better traction to avoid slipping, etc. There are many designer rain boots that are created to be thinner and more stylish, but provide protection from the elements, while keeping your feet warm.

Weatherproof boots, now stylish and designer

While not considered to be designer, rain boots are still great. By having a good selection of weatherproof rain boots, you can have a complete outfit and enjoy dressing up on rainy days. For sensational females, they can be worn with a beautiful jean skirt, tee with a cardigan sweater. You should not forget about skinny denims, when tucked into your pair of knee-high weatherproof rain boots, they will look amazing.  When using your boots with thigh-high socks, it will not only look stylish, but provide extra warmth.

Don’t forget about your partner, they can have fun with a pair of weatherproof boots too! For a more masculine look, simply wear them with casual slacks, and a trench coat.