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Sleep matters a lot in keeping one healthy and fit. A lot depends on how one sleeps. Not just how long they sleep, but also the manner in which they sleep. Apart from physical and psychological reasons regarding the lack of adequate sleep, where you sleep also matters. The bed, the mattress, pillows, bed sheets and your postures all matter in getting you good or bad sleep. That is why it’s so important to have a great pillow. My Pillow is that ‘great pillow’. May be, by just changing your pillow or your sleep position, you can improve your sleep. My Pillow guarantees to give its users a comfortable position to sleep in.

My Pillow review

The only other My Pillow review I like is here.  A fact that gives credibility to the claims of the My Pillow makers is that National Sleep Foundation, an educational and scientific non-profit organization that is spreading awareness about sleep issues and educating people about good sleep habits, so as to resolve sleep-related problems endorse the pillow. Generally, most of the pillows that you get on the market just lose their shape after a few months.  My Pillow doesn’t as it adjusts itself to the curvature of the user. It lends great support for the head, neck and shoulders so that you get up feeling fresher and not crying of neck or head pain.  Check out

The My Pillow Cooling effect

My Pillow gives a cooling effect and comes with a warranty of 10 years. Another advantage of My Pillow is that it can be washed and dried.  It can be washed either by hand or in washing machine as per the instructions. My Pillow fits with the size of the user (one pillow doesn’t fit all) and adjusts to the sleeping position of the users, be they side sleepers, sleeping on their back or stomach and thus is made scientifically.

Guarantee of money back and a good sleep

Apart from its many benefits, My Pillow comes with a money back guarantee. You can use it for 60 days and if you find the product not suitable for you, you can get your money back, as per the makers’ claims.  There are different types to choose from. There is Standard/Queen premium pillow, king premium pillow, classic pillows, utility pillows, all purpose cushion and so on. You can also even get pet pillows. No matter how many times you wash or dry your pillows, My Pillow doesn’t shrink or become flat, the makers claim. Another reference –,,20479110,00.html

Are there My Pillow Promo codes?

Absolutely there are My Pillow promo codes.  In fact using coupon codes for the My Pillow can save you a lot of money.  Everyone likes to save some cash by using promo codes.

Where to order the My Pillow

My Pillow can be ordered from their official website or from the 500 stores spread all over the US. You can choose your fill level and accordingly order one.

It won’t be a bad idea to try out the My Pillow as it has been promoted by the Sleep Foundation. Another benefit of using a good quality and scientifically made pillow is that, you can also prevent any future harm to your spine and nerves.  My Pillow ensures that you get a good sleep and good rest to your head, neck and back and today, with most of the people in jobs that require them to sit in one position, My Pillow’s promise does look enchanting.