Choosing a synthetic pillow

While most people opt for a down filled pillow, there are plenty of reasons that a synthetic pillow is the better option. At the top of this list, is being sensitive or even allergic to down and bird feathers. If this is the case, then a quality synthetic pillow may be the best option for you. Keep reading to learn more about what type of synthetic pillow may be best for you.

The first step is choosing the firmness you need; this is based on the sleep position you most use. Having the correct support for your head and neck can mean the difference in a good night’s rest, or waking up tired.

Extra Soft – This firmness is better for stomach sleeping positions. Allowing the head to remain at the correct level.

Soft – This firmness is better for back or side sleeping positions. It provides a soft cushion for your head.

Medium or Overfilled –These firmness levels are for back or side sleeping positions. Providing a thicker cushion and more firm support for the head and neck compared to Soft.

Softest Loft DownSynthetic Blend Pillow

This pillow is a 50/50 blend of down and synthetic fill. If you’re sensitive or allergic to down, may not be the best option, but it is a quality pillow otherwise.

Synthetic Chamber Pillow

This luxury pillow is designed using a firmer inner chamber that has a loftier and softer outer layer.

300 Thread Count Sateen Pillow (Synthetic Filled)

Reduce muscle strain while supporting the head and neck. Filled with German hypoallergenic synthetic fill, this is a quality option for those who cannot use down pillows.