Types of Pillows

When looking for a new pillow, you may become overwhelmed with the many different types of pillows available. If you are asking yourself what the different types are, and you want to know more about them so you can make the right choice, keep reading to find out about the various types of fillers used.

Natural Fillers

Many people prefer a pillow filled with natural material, such as feathers, down, or a mix of both. The firmness and shape is affected by how much material is used, where down is softer than feathers (and don’t poke you). Buckwheat hull filled pillows are another option, but less common.

Foam Pillows

These are created using different materials, such as latex, polyurethane or more popular, memory foam. These are generally hypoallergenic, but also more expensive. However, they offer great support for your head and neck to give you the best night of sleep possible. A latex filled pillow is often the densest firmness, and heavier.

Synthetic Filled Pillows

When it comes down to synthetic fill, material such as rayon or polyester fibers are used. They are usually more affordable than natural pillows, and hypoallergenic. Although, they do not last as long as other options, meaning you will need to get a new one quicker.

Now that you know the difference in filler materials that are used, you may be able to make a decision easier based on your needs. Remember, sleeping positions need to be considered when shopping for a new pillow too.